PQ is a normal chord of the parabola y^2= 4ax at P,A being the vertex of the parabola. Through P a line is drawn parallel to AQ meeting the x-axis in R. Then the length of AR is : (A) equal to the length of the latus rectum (B) equal to the focal distance of the point P (C) equal to the twice of the focal distance of the point P (D) equal to the distance of the point P from the directrix.

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Conic Sections

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Solution :
given that `y^2= 4ax` <br> let the point P be `(at_1^2, 2at_1)` <br> `t_2= -t_1-2/t_1` <br> `m_(AQ) = (2at_2-0)/(at_2^2-0) = 2/t_2` <br> the eqn of the line will be <br> `y-2at_1= 2/t_2(x-at_1^2)` <br> put `y=0` <br> `=> -2at_1= 2/t_2(x-at_1^2)` <br> `-at_1t_2 = x - at_1^2` <br> `x= at_1^2 - at_1t_2` <br> `=at_1^2 -at_1(-t_1-2/t_1)` <br> `=at_1^2 + at_1^2 + 2a` <br> `= 2[a+at_1]^2` <br> AR=`2[a+at_1^2]` <br> if the eqn of parabola is in the form `y^2=4ax` <br> then `x=-a` <br> let F be point `(0,0)` <br> focal can be calculated as :<br> now, `PF ` will be `a+at_1^2` <br> option (C) is correct.

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