Prove that 2. 7^n+3. 5^n-5is divisible by 24, for all n in N.

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Principle Of Mathematical Induction

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Solution :
Given expression is.<br> `2*7^n+3*5^n-5`<br> When `n = 1`, given expression is,<br> `2*7+3*5-5 = 12+15-5 = 24`<br> So, for `n=1`, given expession is divisible by `24`.<br> Let for any `k in N`, given expression is divisible by `24`.<br> Then, `2*7^k+3*5^k-5 = 24c`, where `c` is a natural number.<br> `=>3*5^k = 24c-2*7^k+5->(1)`<br> Now, we have to prove, for `n = k+1`, given expression is divisible by `24`.<br> For `n = k+1`, given expression is,<br> `2*7^(k+1)+3*5^(k+1) - 5`<br> `=14*7^k+5*3*5^k - 5`<br> From (1), given expression becomes,<br> `=14*7^k+5(24c-2*7^k+5) -5`<br> `=14*7^k+120c-10*7^k+25-5`<br> `=4*7^k+120c+20`<br> `=4*7^k+120c+24-4`<br> `=4(7^k -1)+24(5c+1)`<br> `=4((1+6)^k -1)+ 24(5c+1)`<br> `=4(C(k,0)6^k+C(k,1)6^(k-1)+C(k,2)6^(k-2)+...C(k,k)-1)+ 24(5c+1)<br>` `=4(C(k,0)6^k+C(k,1)6^(k-1)+C(k,2)6^(k-2)+..+C(k,k-1)6^1.+1-1)+ 24(5c+1)<br>` `=4(C(k,0)6^k+C(k,1)6^(k-1)+C(k,2)6^(k-2)+...6)+ 24(5c+1)<br>` `(C(k,0)6^k+C(k,1)6^(k-1)+C(k,2)6^(k-2)+...6)` is divisible by `6`, <br>so we can replace this term with `6a`, where `a` is another non-zero fixed number.<br> `= 24a+24(5c+1)`<br> `=24(a+5c+1)`, which is clearly divisible by `24`.<br> Thus, given expression will be divisible by `24`.

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