Prove that a necessary and sufficient condition for three vectors vec a , vec b and vec c to be coplanar is that there exist scalars l , m , n not all zero simultaneously such that l vec a+m vec b+n vec c= vec0dot

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Algebra Of Vectors

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Solution :
Here, it is given that ,<br> `lveca+mvecb+nvecc = 0`<br> If we put, `l =-1 , m = x and n = y`, then,<br> `-veca +xvecb+yvecc = 0`<br> `=> veca = xvecb+yvecc`, which is the neccessary condition for all three vectors to be coplanar.<br> Now, <br> `lveca+mvecb+nvecc = 0`<br> `=>lveca = -mvecb-nvecc`<br> `=>veca = -m/lvecb-n/lvecc`, which is the sufficient condition for all three vectors to be coplanar.<br><br>

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