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Prove that the midpoint of the hypotenus of right triangle is equidistant from its vertices.

Question from  Class 9  Chapter Circles

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Solution :
GIVEN A `Delta` ABC in wchih `/_ BAC = 90^(@)` and O is the midpoint of BC <br> TO PROVE OA`=` OB `=` OC <br> CONSTRUCTION Draw a circle with O as centre and OB as radius. ltbr. PROOF Clearly, this circle with O as centre and OB as radius <br> PROOF Clearly, this circle will pass through B as well as C. <br> If possible, suppose this circle does not through A. Let it meet BA or BA produced at A'. <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> The, `/_ BA'C = 90^(@)` [ angle in a semicircle ] . <br> But, `/_ BAC = 90^(@)` [given] <br> `:. /_ BA'C = /_ BAC`. .....(i ) <br> But, this is wrong since an exterior angle of a triangle cannot be equal to its interior opposite angle. <br> This can be true only when `A'`coincides with A. <br> Thus, the above circle which passes through B and C must also pass through A. <br> `:. OA= OB = OC`.

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