Prove that two lines that are respectively perpendicular to two intersecting lines intersect each other .

Question from  Class 9  Chapter Lines And Angles

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Solution :
Given Let lines l and m two interscting lines. Again, let n and p be another two lines which are perpendicular to the inersecting lines meet at point D. <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> To prove Two lines n and p intersecting at a point. <br> Proof Suppose we consider lines n and p are not intersecting, then it means they are parallel to each other i.e.. n`|""|`p. <br> Since, lines n and p are perpendicular to m and l, respectievly . <br> But from Eq. (i) n`|""|`p, it implies that l`|""|`m. <br> Thus, our assumption is wrong. <br> Therefore, lines n and p intersect at a point.

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