Resolve (2x-3)/((x-1)(x^(2)+1)^(2)) into partial fractions,

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Indefinite Integration

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Solution :
Let `(2x-3)/((x-1)(x^(2)+1)^(2))=A/(x-1)+(Bx+C)/(x^(2)+1)+(Dx+E)/(x^(2)+1)^(2)`. Then, `2x-3=A(x^(2)+1)^(2)+(Bx+C)(x-1)(x^(2)+1)+(Dx+E)(x-1)`…………(i) <br> Putting x=1 in eq (i) , we get `-1=A(1+1)^(2) rArr A=-` <br> Comparing coefficients of like powers of x on both side of (i), we have <br> `A+B=0, C-B=0, 2A+B-C+D=0, C+E-B-D=2` and `A-C-E=-3`. <br> Putting `A=-1/4` and solving these equations, we get <br> `B=1/4=C,D=1/4` and `E=5/2 therefore (2x-3)/((x-1)(x^(2)+1)^(2))=(-1)/(4(x-1))+(x+1)/(4(x^(2)+1))+(9x+5)/(2(x^(2)+1)^(2))`

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