Show that if two chords of a circle bisect one another they must be diameters.

Question from  Class 9  Chapter Circle

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Solution :
Given-> 2 chords AB and CD<br> O is midpoint of AB and CD<br> To prove->AB and CD are diameter<br> Proof->`/_AOC and /_BOD`<br> `/_AOC=/_BOD`<br> `OA=OB`<br> `OC=OD`<br> `/_AOC cong /_BOD(SAS)`<br> `AC=BD-(1)`<br> `In /_AOD and /_BOC`<br> `/_AOD=/_BOC`<br> `OA=OB`<br> `OC=OD`<br> `/_AOD cong /_BOC(SAS)`<br> `AD=BC-(2)`<br> adding equation 1 and 2<br> `AC+AD=BC+BD`<br> `CAD=CBD`<br> CD is diameter of circle<br> AB is diameter of circle.

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