Show that the function f : N to N defined by <br> f(x) = {[x-1 \ if \ x \ is \ even], [x +1 \ if \ x is \ odd]} <br> is one-one and onto.

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Functions

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Solution :
Suppose `f(x_(1)) = f(x_(2))`<br> Case 1 when `x_(1) ` is odd and `x_(2)` is even <br> In this case `f(x_(1)) =f(x_(2)) rArr x_(1) +1 =x_(2)-1` <br> `rArr x_(2) - x_(1)=2` <br> This is a codtradication since that difference between an odd interger and an even integer can never be 2. <br> Thus in this case `f(x_(1)) ne f(x_(2))` <br> Similarly when `x_(1)` is even and `x_(2)` is odd then `f(x_(1)) ne f(x_(2))` <br> Case 2 when `x_(1) " and " x_(2)` are both odd <br> In this case `f(x_(1)) =f(x_(2)) rArr x_(1)+ 1 =x_(2) -1` <br> `rArr x_(1) =x_(2)` <br> `:.` f is one-one <br> Case 3 When `x_(1) " and " x_(2)` are both even <br> In this case `f(x_(1)) =f(x_(2)) rArr x_(1) -1 =x_(2) -1` <br> `rArr x_(1)= x_(2)` <br> `:.` f is one-one In order to show that f is onto let `y in N` (the codomain) <br> Case 1 when y is odd <br> In this case `(y +1)` is even <br> `:. f( y+1) =(y+1)-1 =y` <br> Case 2 when y is even <br> In this case `(y-1) ` is odd <br> `:. f (y-1) =y-1 +1=y` <br> Thus each `y in N` (codomain of f) has its pre-image in dom (f) <br> `:. ` f is onto. <br> Hence f is one-one onto.

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