Show that the function f: R to R: f(x) =x^(3) is one -one and onto.

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Functions

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Solution :
We have <br> `f(x_(1)) =f(x_(2)) rArr x_(1)^(3) =x_(2)^(3)` <br> ` rArr (x_(1)^(3) -x_(2)^(3)) =0` <br> `rArr (x_(1) -x_(2)) (x_(1)^(2) +x_(1)x_(2)+x_(2)^(2))=0` <br> ` rArr (x_(1)-x_(2)) [(x_(1)+.(x_(2))/(2))^(2)+.(3)/(4)x_(2)^(2)] =0` <br> `rArr (x_(1)-x-(2))=0 [ :' (x_(1)+(x_(2))/(2))^(2) +(3)/(4)x_(2)^(2) ne 0]` <br> `rArr x_(2) =x_(2)` <br> `:. ` f is one-one <br> Let `y in R` and let `y=x^(3).` then `x=y^(1/3) in R` <br> Thus for each y in the codomain R there exists ` y^(1/3)` in R such that <br> ` f(y^(1/3))= (y^(1/3))^(3) =y` <br> `:. ` f is onto. <br> Hence f is one -one onto.

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