Show that the function f(x) = |sinx+cosx| is continuous at x = pi.

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Continuity And Differentiability

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We have, `f(x) = |sinx + cosx|` at `x = pi` <br> Let `g(x) = sinx + cos x` <br> and ` h(x) = |x|` <br> ` :. hog(x) = h[h(x)]` <br> `= h (sinx + cosx)` <br> `= |sinx + cos x|` <br> Since, `g(x) = sinx + cosx` is a continuous function as it is forming with addition of two continous functions `sinx` and `cosx`. <br> Also, ` h(x) = |x|` is also a continous function. Since, we know that composite function of two continuous functions is also a continuous function. <br> Hence, `f(x) = |sinx + cos x|` is a continuous function everywhere. <br> So, `f(x)` is continuous at `x = pi`.

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