Show that the total surface area of a closed cuboid with square base and given volume is minimum, when it is a cube.

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Board Paper Solutions

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Solution :
Volume of a cuboid witha square base `V= l**l**h`<br> Here, `l` is length and breadth and `h` is the height.<br> `:. V = l^2h => h = V/l^2`<br> Now, total surface area of the cuboid `S = 2(l**l+l**h+l**h) `<br> `=> S = 2l^2+4lh`<br> `=> S = 2l^2+4l(V/l^2)`<br> `=> S = 2l^2+(4V)/l`<br> Now, surface area will be minimum when `(dS)/(dl)` is `0`.<br> `=>(dS)/(dl) = 4l-(4V)/l^2`<br> For minimum surface area,<br> `=> 4l-(4V)/l^2 = 0`<br> `=>4l^3-4V = 0`<br> `=>V = l^3`<br> So, `h = V/l^2 = l^3/l^2 = l`<br> So, all of the sides of the cuboid is `l`. Hence, it is a cube.<br>

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