Solve by componendo dividendo method

Question from  Class 9  Chapter Number Systems

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Solution :
`((3x-4)^3-(x+1)^3)/((3x-4)^3+(x+1)^3) = 61/89`<br> Using componendo and dividendo both sides,<br> `((3x-4)^3-(x+1)^3+(3x-4)^3+(x+1)^3)/((3x-4)^3-(x+1)^3-(3x-4)^3-(x+1)^3) = (61+189)/(61-189)`<br> `=>(2(3x-4)^3)/(-2(x+1)^3) = -250/128`<br> `=>(3x-4)^3/(x+1)^3 = 125/64`<br> `=>((3x-4)/(x+1))^3 = (5/4)^3`<br> `=>(3x-4)/(x+1) = 5/4`<br> `=>12x-16 = 5x+5`<br> `=>7x = 21=> x = 3`<br>

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