Solve the differential equation e^(x) tan y dx + (1-e^(x))sec^(2) y dy = 0

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Differential Equations

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Solution :
Integrating the equation, we get <br> `int (e^(x))/(1-e^(x))dx + int(sec^(2)y)/(tan y)dy = 0` <br> Put `1-e^(x) = t` for `1^(st)` integral and tan y = u for `2^(nd)` integral <br> `rArr -e^(x)dx = dt` and `sec^(2) y dy = du` <br> `rArr int (-dt)/(t) + int(d u)/(u) = 0` <br> `rArr -In|t| + In|u| = InC` <br> `rArr u = Ct` <br> `rArr tan y = C(1-e^(x))`

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