Solve the following differential equation: x(dy)/(dx)=y-xtan(y/x)

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Board Paper Solutions

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Solution :
`xdy/dx = y - xtan(y/x)`<br> `=>dy/dx = y/x -tan(y/x)`<br> Let `y/x = t=> y = xt=>dy/dx = xdt/dx+t`<br> So, our equation becomes,<br> `=>xdt/dx+t = t-tant`<br> `=>xdt/dx = -tant`<br> `=>-dt/tant = dx/x`<br> `=>-cottdt = x^-1dx`<br> Integrating both sides,<br> `=>int -cottdt = int x^-1dx`<br> `=>-logsint = logx +c`<br> `=>log(1/sint) = logx + loga` (Here, a is another constant such that `loga = c`)<br> `=>log(1/sint) = logxa`<br> `=>xa = 1/sint`<br> `=>xa =cosect`<br> `=> cosec(y/x) = xa`, which is the required solution.<br>

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