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STRAIGHT LINES | DIFFERENT FORMS OF THE EQUATION OF STRAIGHT LINE, DIFFERENT FORMS OF LINE | Slope-intercept form of a line, Equation of line in Point slope form, Two point forms of a line., The intercept form of a line., Find the equation of the straight line that (i)makes equal intercepts on the axes and passes through the point (2,3) (ii) passes through the point (-5,4) and is such that the portion intercepted between the axes is divided by the point in the ratio 1:2, Normal form of a straight line., Distance or parametric form of a straight line., A straight line is drawn through the point P(2,3) and is inclined at an angle of 30^@ with the x-axis . Find the coordinates of two points on it at a distance 4 units from point P., A Line through the variable point A(1+k,2k) meets the lines 7x+y-16=0, 5x-y-8=0 and x-5y+8=0 at B,C,D respectively. Prove that AC,AB and AD are in HP., Representation of ax+by+c=0 in different forms.

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Straight Lines

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