STRAIGHT LINES | FAMILY OF STRAIGHT LINES, QUESTIONS | Family of Straight Lines., Show that the straight line x(a+2b)+y(a+3b)=(a+b) for different values of a and b passes through the fixed point . Find that point, Consider a family of straight lines (x+y)+lambda(2x-y+1)=0 . Find the equation of straight line belonging to this family that is farthest from (1;-3), If 5a+5b+20c=t then find the values of t for which the line ax+by+c-1=0 always passes through a fixed point, Consider a triangle with vertices A(1;2) ;B(3;1) and C(-3;0) Find (i) equation of altitude through vertex A (ii) the equation of median through vertex A (iii) the equation of internal angle bisector of /_A, A vertex of an equileteral triangle is (2;3) and the equation of the opposite sides is x+y=2 .Find the equation of the other sides of triangle ., If one sides of a Square is 3x-4y-12=0 and the center is (0;0) ; then find the equation of the diagonals of the square., A ray of light is sent along a line x-2y-3=0 . Upon reaching the line 3x-2y-5=0 the ray is reflected. Find the equation of the line containing the reflected ray .

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Straight Lines

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