STRAIGHT LINES | POINT OF INTERSECTION OF TWO LINES, CONDITION OF CONCURRENCY OF TWO LINES, LINE PARALLEL & PERPENDICULAR TO A GIVEN LINE, EQUATION OF BISECTOR OF THE ANGLE BETWEEN THE LINES, POSITION OF A POINT RELATIVE TO A PLANE, DISTANCE OF A POINT FROM A LINE, DISTANCE BETWEEN PARALLEL LINES, AREA OF THE PARALLELOGRAM | Find the point of intersection of two lines by substitution and cross multiplication method., Condition for concurrency of three lines., Line Parallel to a given line., Line Perpendicular to a given line., Foot of perpendicular on a given line., Condition of line to be parallel,perpendicular and intersecting., Find the image of the point with respect to line mirror., Find the position of a point relative to a line (ax+by+c=0)., Prove that the length of perpendicular from a point (x_1,y_1) to a line ax+by+c=0 is |(ax_1+by_1+c)/(sqrt(a^2+b^2))|., Prove that distance between two parallel lines ax+by+c_1=0 and ax+by+c_2=0 is given by |c_1-c_2|/(sqrt(a^2+b^2))., Find the area of the parallelogram .

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Straight Lines

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