The eccentricity of the hyperbola (x^(2))/(a^(2))-(y^(2))/(b^(2))=1 be reciprocal to that of the ellipse x^(2)+4y^(2)=4. If the hyperbola passes through a focus of the ellipse, then :

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Test Papers

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The equation of the hyperbola is `(x^(2))/(3)-(y^(2))/(2)=1` a focus of the hyperbola is `(sqrt(3),0)`the eccentricity of the hyperbola is `sqrt((5)/(3))` the equation of the hyperbola is `x^(2)-3y^(2)=3`

Answer :
Solution :
Eccentricity of the ellipse `=sqrt(1-(1)/(4))=(sqrt(3))/(2)` <br> Focus of the ellipse `=(-sqrt(3),0)` <br> Eccentricity of the hyperbola `=sqrt(1+(b^(2))/(a^(2)))=(2)/(sqrt(3))implies(b)/(a)=(1)/(sqrt(3))` <br> Since the hyperbola passes through the focus of the ellipse `(3)/(a^(2))-0=1impliesa^(2)=3` and `b^(2)=1` <br> and equation of the hyperbola is `(x^(2))/(3)-(y^(2))/(1)=1` or `x^(2)-3y^(2)=3` <br> Focus of hyperbola is `(pm 2,0)`

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