The equation of common tangent to the parabola y^2 =8x and hyperbola 3x^2 -y^2=3 is

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Solution :
`a^2=1`<br> so, `a=+-1`<br> `b^2=3`<br> so,`b=+-sqrt3`<br> equation of tangent to hyperbola<br> `y=mx+-sqrt(a^2m^2-b^2)`<br> `y=mx+-sqrt(m^2-3)` -(1)<br> equation of parabola`y^2=8x`<br> so, 4a=8<br> a=2<br> equation of tangent to parabola<br> `=y=mx+a/m`<br> `=y=mx+2/m` -(2)<br> tangent is common so equation(1) and (2) will be equal<br> `mx+-sqrt(m^2-3)=mx+2/3`<br> `+-2/m=sqrtm^2-3`<br> squaring both side<br> `4/m^2=m^2-3`<br> `4=m^4-3m2`<br> (t-4)(t+1)<br> t=4,-1<br> but -1 is not possible<br> `m^2=4`<br> `m=+-2`<br> equation of tangent<br> `y=mx+2/m`<br> when m=2<br> `y=2x+1`<br> whrn m=2<br> y+-2x-1<br>

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