The equation of perpendiculars of the sides AB and AC of triangle ABC are x-y-4=0 and 2x-y-5=0 respectively. If the vertex A is (-2,3) and point of intersection of perpendicular bisectors is (3/2,5/2) find the equation of medians to the sides AB& AC respectively

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Straight Lines

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Solution :
equation of AB<br> `y-3=(-1)(x+2)`<br> x+y=1<br> equation of AC<br> `y-3=-1/2(x+2)`<br> x+2y=4<br> equation of DF<br> `y-5/2=1(x-3/2)`<br> 2x-2y+2=0<br> equation of EF<br> `y-5/2=2(x-3/2)`<br> 4x-2y=1<br> comparing AC and EF<br> we get x=1 and y=3/2<br> point E=`(1,3/2)`<br> comparing DF and AB<br> we get x=0 and y=1<br> point D=(0,1)<br> from diagram wee get<br> B=(2,1)<br> C=(4,0)<br> Equation of median AB<br> `y-1=(0-1)/(4-0)*(x-0)`<br> by solving this we get<br> x+4y=4<br> Equation of median AC<br> `y+1=((3/2)+1)/(1-2)*(x-2)<br>` by soving this we get<br> 5x+2y=8

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