The equation of the normal to the curve y=x+sin x cos x " at " x=(pi)/(2), is

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Tangents And Normals

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When `x=(pi)/(2)`, we have <br> `y=(pi)/(2) + "sin" (pi)/(2)"cos"(pi)/(2)=(pi)/(2)` <br> So, the coordinates of the point are `(pi//2,pi//2)` <br> Now, <br> `y=x+sin x cos x ` <br> `rArr (dy)/(dx)=1+cos^(2)x-sin^(2)x rArr ((dy)/(dx))_(x=(n)/(2))=1+0-1=0` <br> This means that the tangent at `(pi//2,pi//2)` is parallel to x-axis. So, the normal is parallel to y-axis and hence its equation is `x=(pi)/(2)`.

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