The fix point through which the line x(a+2b)+y(a+3b)=a+b always passes for all values of a and b is:

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Jee Mains

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Solution :
`x(a+2b)+y(a+3b) = a+b`<br> Here, both positive values of `x` and `y` can not be the answer as it can not make both sides equal.<br> So, we can reject option `(1) and (2)`.<br> We check for third option that is `x = 2, y = -1`<br> Then, `L.H.S. = x(a+2b)+y(a+3b) = 2(a+2b)+(-1)(a+3b)`<br> `=2a+4b - a-3b = a+b = R.H.S.`<br> So, option `(3)` is the correct option.<br> Option`(4)` also can not be the answer as `y = -2`, will make left side negative.<br> So, option `(3)` is the only correct option.<br>

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