The function f: [0,3] to [1,29], defined by <br> f(x)=2x^(3)-15x^(2)+36x +1, is

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Functions

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one-one and ontoonto but not one-oneone-one but not ontoneither one-one nor onto

Answer :
Solution :
PLAN To check nature of function. <br> (i) One-one To check one-one, we must check whether<br> `f'(x) gt 0 " or " f'(x) lt 0` in given domain. <br> (ii) Onto To check onto, we must check<br> Range = Codomain <br> Description of Situation To find range in given domain [a, b], put f'(x) = 0 and find `x=a_(1), a_(2), ... a_(n) in [a, b]` <br> Now, find `{f(a), f(a_(1)),f(a_(2)), ... , f(a_(n)),f(b)}` <br> its gretest and least values gives you range. <br> Now, `f:[0, 3] to [1,29] ` <br> `f(x)=2x^(2)-15x^(2)+36x+1` <br> `therefore f'(x)=6x^(2)-30x+36=6(x^(2)-5x+6)` <br> `=6(x-2)(x-3)` <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> For given doamin [0,3], f(x) is increasing as well as decreasing `rArr` many-one <br> Now, put `f'(x)=0` <br>`rArr x=2,3` <br> Thus, for range `f(0)=1, f(2)=29,f(3)=28` <br> `rArr" Range " in [1,29]` <br> `therefore` Onto but not one-one.

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