The marks (out of 100) obtained by a group of students in a science test are 85, 76,90, 85, 39, 48, 56, 95, 81 and 75. Find the:(i) Highest and the lowest marks obtained by the students.(ii) Range of the marks obtained.(iii) Mean marks obtained by the group.

Question from  Class 7  Chapter Data Handling

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Solution :
First, we have to arrange the number of marks in ascending order.<br> Ascending order is,<br> `39,48,56,75,76,81,85,85,90,95`<br> (i) Highest marks are `95` and lowest marks are `39`.<br> (ii) Range = `95-39 = 56`<br> (iii) Mean` = (39+48+56+75+76+81+85+85+90+95)/10 = 730/10 = 73`<br>

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