The negation of the statement ''Plants take in CO_(2) and given out O_(2) and give out O_(2)'' is

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Mathematical Reasoning

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Plants do not take in `CO_(2)` and not given out `O_(2)`.Plants do not take in `CO_(2)` or do not give out `O_(2)`Plants take is `CO_(2)` and do not give out `O_(2)`. plants take in `CO_(2)` or do not gives out `O_(2)`

Answer :
Solution :
Let p: Plants take in `CO_(2)` and given out `O_(2)`. <br> Let q: Plants take in `CO_(2)` <br> r: Plants given out `O_(2)`. <br> ~q: Plants do not take in `CO_(2)`. <br> ~r: 72 Plants do not given out `O_(2)`. <br> ` ~(q ^^ r)`: Plants do not give out `O_(2)` or do not give out `O_(2)`

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