The number of real solution of equation Sin(e^x) = 5^x + 5^(-x) is :

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Trigonometric Functions

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Solution :
`sin(e^x) = 5^x+5^(-x)`<br> `sin(e^x) :` Maximum value of `sin(e^x)` can be `1` and minimum value can be `-1`.<br> <br> `5^x+5^-x = 5^x+1/5^x`<br> Now, `5^x` is always greater than `0` which means,<br> which means `5^x+1/5^x` will always be greater than or equall to `2`.<br> so, minimum value of `5^x+5^-x` will be `2`. <br> So, we can see that in given equation, maximum value of left side is `1` and minimum value of right side is `2`.<br> It means there is no solution possible that will satisfy the given equation.<br>

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