The period of the function f(x) = cos(pi x/(n!))- sin(pix/((n+1)!)) is

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Relations And Functions Xii

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Solution :
Here, time period of `cos((pix)/(n!)) = 2n!`<br> Time period of `sin((pix)/((n+1)!)) = 2(n+1)!`<br> So, time period of `f(x)` will be the L.C.M. of the time period of the above two functions.<br> Time period will be the L.C.M. of `2n!` and `2(n+1)!`.<br> Now, `2n!` is a subset of `2(n+1)!`.<br> So, L.C.M. of `2n!` and `2(n+1)!` will be `2(n+1)!.`<br> `:.` Period of `f(x)` is ` 2(n+1)!`.<br>

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