The tangent and normal at the point P(at^(2),2at) to the parabola y^(2)=4ax meet the x-axis in T and N, respectively. Find the angle at which the tangent at P to the parabola is inclined to the tangent at P to the circle through P, T and N.

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Parabola

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Solution :
<img src="" width="80%"> <br> Tangent and normal at (t) on the parabola meet the x-axis at T and N, respectively. <br> We know that SP=SN=ST <br> So, for circumcircle of triangle of NPT, TN is diameter and S is the centre. <br> SP is normal to the circle. If `theta` is the angle between tangents at P to the parabola and circle then `(90^(@)-theta)` is the angle between PT and SP. <br> Slope of tangent `PT=(1)/(t)` <br> Slope of SP `=(2at)/(at^(2)-a)=(2t)/(t^(2)-a)=(2t)/(t^(2)-1)` <br> `:." "tan(90^(@)-theta)=|((1)/(t)-(2t)/(t^(2)-1))/(1+(1)/(t)*(2t)/(t^(2)-1))|=(1)/(t)` <br> `rArr" "cottheta=(1)/(t)` <br> `rArr" "tantheta=t" "rArr" "theta=tan^(-1)t`

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