The vector equation of a plane passing through a point having position vector 2hati+3hatj-4hatk and perpendicular to the vector 2hati-hatj+2hatk, is

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Plane And Straight Line In Space

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`vecr.(2hati-hatj+2hatk)=7``vecr.(2hati-hatj+2hatk)=-7``vecr.(2hati-hatj+2hatk=4`none of these

Answer :
Solution :
We know that the vector equation of plane passing through a point `veca` and normal to `vecn` is <br> `(vecr-veca).vecn=0` or `vecr.vecn=veca.vecn` <br> Here `veca=2hati+3hatj-4hatk` and `vecn=2hati-hatj+2hatk` <br> So the equation of the required plane is <br> `vecr.(2hati-hatj+2hatk)=(2hati+3hatj-4hatk).(2hati-hatj+2hatk)` <br> `impliesvecr.(2hati-hatj+2hatk)=-7`

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