Using mean value theorem, prove that tanx > x for all x(0,pi/2)dot

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Mean Value Theorems

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Solution :
Mean value theorem states that if a function `f(x)` is continuous and differentiable in interval `(a,b)`, then,<br> `(f(b)-f(a))/(b-a) = f'(c)`, where c lies in `(a,b)`.<br> Let `f(x) = tanx` where `x in (0,pi/2)` .<br> Then, from Lagranges Mean value theorem,<br> ` f'(c) = (f(b)-f(a))/(b-a) `<br> If we apply Mean value theorem on `[0,x]`.<br> Then, `sec^2 c = (tanx-tan0)/(x-0)`<br> `=>sec^2c = tanx/x->(1)`<br> Here, `0 lt c lt x`<br> `=>sec^2 0 lt sec^2c lt sec^2x`<br> From (1),<br> `=>1 lt tanx/x lt sec^2 x`<br> `=>1 lt tanx/x`<br> `=>x lt tanx`<br> `=>tanx gt x.`<br>

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