Using the property of determinants and without expanding, prove that:|0a-b-a0-c b c0|=0

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Determinants

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Solution :
`D= |[0,a,-b],[-a,0,-c],[b,c,0]|`<br> We know, if we interchange rows and columns of a determinant, value of the determinant does not change.<br> So, if we interchange rows and columns of given determinant, then,<br> `D = |[0,-a,b],[a,0,c],[-b,-c,0]| = (-1)^3|[0,a,-b],[-a,0,-c],[b,c,0]| = -D`<br> `:. D = -D`<br> `=>2D = 0`<br> `=> D = 0`<br> Therefore, value of the given determinant is `0`.<br>

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