VECTOR ALGEBRA | DOT PRODUCT, PROPERTIES OF DOT PRODUCT, APPLICATIONS OF DOT (SCALAR) PRODUCT | Definition; remarks and geometrical interpretation of Scalar Product, a.a = |a|^2 and commutative and distributive law of dot product, l veca . m vecb = lm(veca . vecb) and veca . vecb = 0 then veca and vecb are perpendicular if veca and vecb are not null vector, |veca pm vecb|^2 = |veca|^2 + |vecb|^2 pm 2|veca||vecb|cos theta and (veca + vecb).(veca - vecb) = |veca|^2 - |vecb|^2, Dot product in terms of components, Using dot product of vectors; prove that a parallelogram; whose diagonal are equal; is a rectangle., Angle between two vectors in terms of dot product, Components of vector along and perpendicular a vector, Cosine rule using dot product, Prove by vector method that cos(A+B) = cosAcosB - sinAsinB

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Vector Algebra

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