We have <br> f (x) lim_(n to oo) cos (x)/(2) cos (x)/(2^(2)) cos (x)/(2^(3)) cos (x)/(2^(4))…… <br> ….cos (x)/(2^(n)) = ("sin" x)/(2^(n) "sin" (x)/(2^(n))) <br> using the identity <br> lim_(n to oo) sum_(k=1)^(n) (1)/(2^(2k)) sec^(2) ((x)/(2^(k))) equals

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Limits And Derivatives

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`cosec^(2) x - (1)/(x^(2))``cosec^(2) x + (1)/(x^(2))``cosec^(2) x - x^(2)``cosec^(2) x + x^(2)`

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