What is the image of the point (1, 2) on the line 3x+4y-1=0 ?

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Cartesian Coordinate System And Straight Line

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`(- 7/5, -6/5)``(7/8, 1/2)``(7/8, -1/2)``(- 7/5, 1/2)`

Answer :
Solution :
Let (a, b) be the image of point (1, 2) w.r.t. line `3x+4y-1=0` <br> `:. ((a+1)/2, (b+2)/2)` will be on the line `3x+4y-1=0` <br> `implies 3((a+1)/2)+4((b+2)/2)-1=0` <br> `implies 3a+3+4b+8-2=0` <br> `implies 3a+4b+9 =0` <br> Now, co-ordinates given in option 'a' satisfies the equation `3a+4b+9=0` <br> Thus, the image of point (1, 2) is `(-7/5, -6/5)`.

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