What is the principal value of cos^(-1)cos((2pi)/3)+sin^(-1)sin((2pi)/3)?

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Board Paper Solutions

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Solution :
`cos^-1cos((2pi)/3)+sin^-1sin((2pi)/3)`<br> We know, principal value of `cos^-1` is between `0` to `2pi` and for `sin^-1` is `-pi/2` to `pi/2`.<br> `:.` Principal value of `cos^-1cos((2pi)/3) = (2pi)/3`<br> `sin^-1sin((2pi)/3) = sin^-1sin(pi-(2pi)/3) = sin^-1sin((pi)/3) = pi/3`<br> `:.` Principal value of `sin^-1sin((2pi)/3) = pi/3`<br> `:.` Principal value of given expression ` = (2pi)/3+pi/3 = pi`<br>

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