Which of the following are examples of the null set(i) Set of odd natural numbers divisible by 2(ii) Set of even prime numbers(iii) {x: x is a natural numbers, x < 5and x > 7}(iv) {y: y is a point common to any two par

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Sets

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Solution :
A Null set is a set that doesn`'`t contain any element. Here,<br> (i) Set of odd natural numbers divisible by 2:<br> There can`'` be any odd number that is divisible by 2. So, this set will not have any element. It is a Null set.<br><br> (ii) Set of even prime numbers:<br> 2 is the only even number that is also prime number. So, this set contain a single elemnt that means it is not a Null set.<br><br> (iii) {x: x is a natural numbers,x<5 and x>7}:<br> It is not possible a natural number is less than 5 and greater than 7. So, this is a Null set.<br><br> (iv){y: y is a point common to any two parallel lines}:<br> Two parallel lines always remain distant with each other with a constant distance. So, there can not be a common points between them.<br> This set also doesn`'`t contain any element.Thus, this set is also a Null set.

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