You are told that 1,331 is a perfect cube. Can you guess without factorisation what is its cube root? Similarly, guess the cube roots of 4913, 12167, 32768.

Question from  Class 8  Chapter Cubes And Cube Roots

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Solution :
1) 1331<br> `10^3<1331<20^3`<br> `1331=11^3`<br> 2)4913<br> `10^3<4913<20^3`<br> `4913=17^3`<br> 3)12167<br> `20^3<12167<30^3`<br> `12167=23^3` 4)32768<br> `30^3<32768<40^3`<br> `32768=32^3`.

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