RD Sharma Class 9 and Chapter Number System Maths Solutions

Maths Class 9 and Chapter Number System RD Sharma Solutions

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Represent `sqrt(6),sqrt(7),sqrt(8)` on the number line.

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Represent `sqrt(3. 5)` , `sqrt(9. 4)` , `sqrt(10. 5)` on the real number line.

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Find the decimal expansions of `(10)/3,7/8` and `1/7` .

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What can the maximum number of digits be in the repeating block of digits in the decimal expansion of `1/7?` Perform the division of check your answer.

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Write the following in decimal form and say what kind of decimal expansion each has : (i) `(36)/(100)` (ii) `1/(11)` (iii) `4 1/(11)` (iv) `3/(13)` (v) `2/(11)` (iv) `(329)/(400)`

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RD Sharma Class 9 Maths Chapter 1 Number Systems

Through the previous classes, it must now be a known fact that the Number Systems is an essential and basic unit that forms the arithmetic part of Maths. The earlier lessons of the number systems covered the concepts like the number line, integers, fractions, decimals, rational numbers, etc. Now, through the class 9 maths chapter, we are going to dig a little deeper and learn further the unit, Number Systems.

RD Sharma books are well-known among the students who are studying the CBSE curriculum of syllabus. RD Sharma’s books are authored according to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Hence, these books have been entrusted upon by the CBSE students for many years now. The clear and concise explanation of the Maths lessons are the highlights of these books. RD Sharma books are really helpful for the learners who are into self-study mode, as all the concepts are that are required by the NCERT are sufficiently covered and are explained well. Dr. R.D. Sharma, a Maths professor, has a rich experience in teaching and in authoring Maths books for over 30 years. Hence, he rightly captures the right tactics to grab the attention of the learners. He authors student-friendly maths textbooks that help the students to sail easily through a subject as difficult as Maths. Hemakes sure all his books make use of simple language and provide an in-depth explanation of the concepts. All the chapters of CBSE Maths that are important from school exams point of view are available in RD Sharma books. And not just that, these textbooks also have sufficient content that enables the students to study for the engineering entrance examinations like the IIT-JEE, BITSAT etc.

Though learning through RD Sharma books ensure a good understanding of the concepts, becoming an ace in a subject as tough as Maths requires a lot of practice. One can find a lot of exercise problems provided in the textbooks for the students to workout on their own in order to gain more practise and hence get better with the lessons. But just working down the practise questions would not work great until it is accompanied by relevant worked-out solution guide. This solutions guide helps students in cross-checking the methods and the answers, thus eventually leading them to learn the tricks and simpler approaches to solve the problems that save a lot of time during the exams.

This is when our online Maths solutions platform, the Doubtnut comes into the picture. The students can look out for the textbook solutions all complied methodically and worked out by a team of experts. These solutions come in the form of videos and the learners can refer to any solution or clear any doubts, anytime. One can find the RD Sharma Class 9 Maths Chapter 1 Number Systemworked out on doubtnut.com and get immensely benefitted by referring to it when required.

Number Systems:  Class 9 Maths RD Sharma Solutions

Through the previous classes, the students by now have an idea about what the number systems are, why they are important to be studied and how they are involved in almost all operations in arithmetic and so on.  Learning the chapter “Number Systems” is important because the entire mathematics revolve around the application of the Number System somewhere or the other.

The arithmetic section of mathematics deals with mainly the Number System and its applications. The numbers that are called as the natural numbers, integers, decimals, whole numbers, rational numbers, irrational numbers, irrational numbers, etc. all form the part of the Number System. The main theme of the chapter Number Systems includes, learning to classify the numbers, placing them on the number line and perform operations using them.

A small recollection of the classification of the numbers

Natural Numbers

All the numbers 1,2, 3…. starting from 1, are the natural numbers.

Whole Numbers

All the numbers inclusive of zero ‘0’ are called the whole numbers.


Integers comprise of the natural numbers, i.e. 1,2,3,4…, the negatives of the natural numbers i.e. -1, -2, -3, -4… including the ‘0’.


 A decimal is a number that consists of a whole number along with its fractional part.


The fractional numbers expressed in terms of numerator and denominator.

Rational numbers

Rational numbers   are the one that can be expressed in the form of p/q or p: q, where p and q are integers.

Irrational numbers

Irrational Numbers  are the one that cannot be expressed in terms of p/q, where p and q are integers.

Real numbers

All rational and irrational numbers put together are called the real numbers.

So, what’s covered in class 9, chapter 1, the Number Systems?

The current chapter of the Number Systems, that the students learn in class 9, cover more about the rational and irrational numbers, the square roots, the decimal expansion of the real numbers, representation of the real numbers on the number line, certain operation on the real numbers, laws of exponents of real numbers and more.

This shows that this chapter takes the learners further deep into the numbers and this is going to help a great deal in cracking a lot of competitive examinations in the future. The better understanding of the basics right now is very important as the Number Systems are going to play a big role in the educational journey of the students.

Let us dig through the topics and subtopics of the chapter according to which the RD Sharma textbooks have been curated.

Topics and Subtopics of Chapter 1 – Number Systems

Prior knowledge of topics and subtopics covered in a unit is essential for a good recollection of the previously learned concepts. It immensely helps to plan the learning of the current chapter in a better way. This also helps to sort the topics out on a study timetable and plan accordingly. Let us have a look at the topics covered under the chapter, Number Systems, according to which the video solutions are available on doubtnut.com.

The topics and subtopics of chapter 1 Number System:-

Introduction and placement on the number line

This covers just the recollection of placement of the numbers on a number line.

Irrational numbers

In this section, an introduction to irrational numbers is made and the concept of square root of a number is covered. Problems involving placing a square root on the number lines could be expected.

Real numbers and their decimal expansions

Here, the rational numbers and irrational numbers, and the theory about their decimal expansions are covered. The number whose decimal expansion would be terminating would be rational and the numbers whose decimal expansion is not terminating is irrational. The practise problems found in the textbooks revolve around this theory.

Representation real numbers on the number line

Representing the real numbers on the number line using the process of successive magnification is included here.

Operations on real numbers

Here the addition, subtraction, multiplication, division operations on real numbers, especially the irrational numbers, are explained. Problems that involve the operations on the real numbers can be found in the exercises.

Laws of exponents for real numbers

The laws of exponents that are applicable to the real numbers are explained in this section and one can find a lot of problems from here too, in the textbook.

These concepts are very well explained through RD Sharma’s textbook solutions on the Doubtnut. One can find the solutions as class 9 Maths RD Sharma solutionson our tutorial platform. All the answers are worked out step-by-step and exercise-wise so that it is easy for the leaners to keep a track.

The textbook solutions presented on Doubtnut reduces distractions to a great extent by garnering a student’s full attention through the expressive video tutorials. The class-room like vibe created through the videos help the students to concentrate and thus learn the chapter in a better way. Doubtnut also encourages the learners to come up with any sort of doubts and questions that would be answered quickly by an expert team. And with Doubtnut, getting the doubts answered is really simple as all that the students have to do is to click a picture of the question and just post it on the app or website. This way, there would no more be stacking of doubts and the students can move on further doubts-free and face the examinations with superb confidence.

Doubtnut.com, apart from the RD Sharma book, also provides NCERT and other textbook solutions for class 6 to class 12, with over 50 lakh video solutions. One can also find IIT JEE mock tests, previous year question papers and more on the app. Undoubtedly, Doubtnut provides the accurate and comprehensive study material required to crack the CBSE board exams, engineering entrance exams and other competitive exams confidently by serving as a constant guide to the students.


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