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632 g of sodium thiosulphate (a_(2)S_(2)O_(3)) reacts with copper sulphate to form cuproc thiosulphate which is reduced by sodium thiosulphate to give cuprous compound which is dissolved in excess of sodium thiosulphate to form a complex compound sodium cuprothisosulphate (Na_(4)[Cu_(6)(S_(2)O_(3))_(5)]), (MW=1033) <br> CuSO_(4) + Na_(2)S_(2)O_(3) rarr CuS_(2)O_(3) + Na_(2)SO_(4)" " [very fast] <br> 2CuSO_(4)+Na_(2)S_(2)O_(3)+Na_(2)S_(2)O_(3) rarr Cu_(2)S_(2)O_(3) + Na_(2)S_(4)O_(6) <br> 3Cu_(2)S_(2)O_(3) + 2Na_(2)S_(2)O_(3) rarr Na_(4)[Cu_(6)(S_(2)O_(3))_(5)] <br> " " (Sodium cuprothisoulphate ) <br> In this process , 0.2 mole of sodium cuprothiosulphate is formed .(O=16 , Na=23 , S=32) <br> It instead of given amount of sodium thiosulphate, 2 moles of sodium thiosulphate along with 3 moles of CuSO_(4) were taken initially . Then, moles of sodiu cuprothiosulphate formed is:

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Mole Concept, Stoichiometry & Concentration Terms

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