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a. What does [H_(9)O_(4)]^(o+) stand for ? Draw its structures. <br> b. Can sodium bicarbonate make water hard? <br> c. Hard water is softened before using in boilers. Why? <br> d. What is sequestration? How is hard water made soft by sequestration?

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Hydrogen, Water And Hydrogen Peroxide

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Solution :
(a) `[H_(9)O_(4)]^(o+)` stands for hydrated proton. In `[H_(9)O_(4)]^(o+)` is tetrahedrally surrounded by four water molecules. <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> (b) Hardness of water can be created due to sodium bicarbonate because soaps themselves are sodium salts of fatty acids which are soluble in water. <br> (c) Hard water on boiling gives white percipates of `MgCO_(3),kCaCO_(3)` and `CaSO_(4)` which form scales in boilers. the formation of these boiler scales causes rapid deterioration of the boiler due to over heating. further, boiler scales are non-conducting. heating. further, boiler scales are non-conducting. hence, more fuel is consumed. therefore, to prevent formation of boiler scales, hard water is softened before using in boilers. <br> (d) 'Sequestration' means to render ineffective. the hardness of water is due to the presence of `Ca^(2+)` and `Mg^(2+)` ions. these ions are rendered ineffective by treating with calgon to hard water, the `Ca^(2+)` and `Mg^(2+)` ions present in it, combines with calgon to form soluble compounds of calcium and magnesium salts. <br> `[2CaCl_(2)+underset("hexametaphosphate")underset("Sodium")(Na_(2)]Na_(4)(PO_(3))_(6)]tounderset("Complex")(Na_(2)[Ca_(2)(PO_(3))_(6)]+4NaCl` <br> `2MgSO_(4)+Na_(2)[Na_(4)(PO_(3))_(6)]tounderset("Complex")(Na_(2)[Mg_(2)(PO_(3))_(6)]+2Na_(2)SO_(4)` <br> These complex calcium and magnesium ions do not form any percipitate with soap and hence readily produces lather with soap solution. in this way, hard water is softned by sequestration.

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