Arrange the following comounds in increasing order of length of their C-N bond. <br> <img src="" width="80%">

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Some Basic Principals Of Organic Chemistry

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`IV lt II lt IV lt III``III lt IV lt II lt I``II lt III lt I lt IV``II lt IV lt I lt III`

Answer :
Solution :
The bond order of `C-N` bond is `2` in `III`, shortest, `I` in `II`, longest bond. There is greater extent of delocalisation of nitrogen lone pair in `IV` because it brings negative charge on oxygen than in `IV` because it brings negative charge on oxygen than in `1` where negative charge moves on carbons. Hence, `C-N` bond acquire greater partial double bond character in `IV` than in `1`. this results in greater shortening of `C-N` bond length in `IV` than in `I`, although `I` has more resonating structure.

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