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Balance the following equations: <br> i. As_(2)S_(3)+NaClO_(3)+NaOHrarrNa_(3)AsO_(4)+NaClO+Na_(2)SO_(4) <br> ii. If M is the molecular mass of As_(2)S_(3), the equivalent weight of As_(2)S_(3) is <br> a. M//24 , b. M ,c. M//2 ,d. M//28.

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Redox Reactions

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Solution :
`As_(2)S_(3)` is split into two parts `(overset(+3xx2-2xx3)(As_(2)S_(3)))` in which `As_(2)^(6+)` is oxidised to `AsO_(4)^(3-)` and `S_(3)^(6-)` is oxidised to `SO_(4)^(2-)`. Whereas, `ClO_(3)^(ө)` (hypochlorite ion). <br> b. Write the eqaution in ionic form. <br> `As_(2)S_(3)+ClO_(3)^(ө)+overset(ө)OHrarrAsO_(4)^(3-)+ClO^(ө)+SO_(4)^(2-)` <br> c. <img src="" width="80%"> <br> d. Balance `O` atoms by adding `8H_(2)O` on `LHS` <br> `8H_(2)O+As_(2)^(6+)rarr2AsO_(4)^(3-)+4e^(-)` <br> e. Balance `H` atoms in basic medium by adding `16H_(2)O` on `RHS` and simultaneously add `16overset(ө)OH` ions to `LHS`. <br> `16overset(ө)OH+8H_(2)O+As_(2)^(6+)rarrAsO_(4)^(3-)+4e^(-)+16H_(2)O` <br> or <br> `16overset(ө)OH+As_(2)^(6+)rarr2AsO_(4)^(3-)+4e^(-)+8H_(2)O`...(i) <br> It is a balanced equation. <br> f. Similarly, balance `S_(3)^(6-) t o SO_(4)^(2-)` ion in basic medium <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> g. Balance `O` atom by adding `12H_(2)O on LHS`. <br> `12H_(2)O+S_(3)^(6-)rarr3SO_(4)^(2-)+24e^(-)` <br> h. Balance `H` atom in basic medium by adding `24H_(2)O`on `RHS` and simultaneously add `24oveset(ө)OH` ions on `LHS`. <br> `24overset(ө)OH+12H_(2)O+S_(3)^(6-)rarr3SO_(4)^(2-)+24e^(-)+24H_(2)O` <br> or <br> `24overset(ө)OH+S_(3)^(6-)rarr3SO_(4)^(2-)+12H_(2)O`....(ii) <br> It is a balanced equation. <br> i. Now add equations (i) and (ii) to get final oxidation reaction. <br> `{:(16overset(ө)OH+As_(2)^(6+)rarr2AsO_(4)^(3-)+4e^(-)+8H_(2)O),(24overset(ө)OH+S_(3)^(6-)rarr3SO_(4)^(2-)+24e^(-)+12H_(2)O),(ulbar(40overset(ө)OH+As_(2)S_(3)rarr2AsO_(4)^(3-)+3SO_(4)^(2-)+20H_(2)O+28e^(-))):}` (ii) <br> j. Similarly, balance the reduction equation of `ClO_(3)^(ө)` to `ClO^(ө)` ion. <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> k. Balance `O` atom by adding `2H_(2)O` on `RHS` <br> `4e^(-)+ClO_(3)^(ө)rarrClO^(ө)+2H_(2)O` <br> I. Balance `H` atoms in basic medium by adding `4H_(2)O` on `LHS` and simultaneously add `4overset(ө)OH` ions on `RHS`. <br> `4H_(2)O+4e^(-)+ClO_(3)^(ө)rarrClO^(ө)+2H_(2)O+4overset(ө)OH` <br> or `2H_(2)O+4e^(-)+ClO_(3)^(ө)rarrClO^(ө)+4overset(ө)OH`.....(iv) <br> It is a balanced reduction equation. <br> Equation (iii) is an oxidation reaction and equation (iv) is a reduction equation. To balance the number of electrons, multiply equation (iii) by `2` and equation (iv) by `14` and add them. <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> It is a balanced redox reaction. <br> Now add other ions to both sides of a equation (v). <br> `LHS[[24Na^(o+)],[14Na^(o+)]]RHS[[24Na^(o+)],[14Na^(o+)]]` <br> Equation (v) becomes <br> `24NaOH+2As_(2)S_(3)+14NaClO_(3)rarr4Na_(3)AsO_(4)+14NaClO+6Na_(2)SO_(4)+12H_(2)O` <br> or <br> `12NaOH+As_(2)S_(3)+7NaClO_(3)rarr2Na_(3)AsO_(4)+7NaClO+3Na_(2)SO_(4)+6H_(2)O`....(vi) <br> Equation (vi) is the final balanced redox reaction. <br> ii. b. The number of electrons involved in equation (iii) is `28`. So the equivalent weight of `As_(2)S_(3) is M//28`. <br> Answer is (iv).

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