CH_(2)H_(5)-underset(CH_(2))underset(||)(C )-CH_(2)OH <br> ii CH_(3)-CH=CH-CHO <br> NH_(2)-CH_(2)-CH_(2)-CH_(2)-NH_(2) ltbrlt iv. CH_(3)-CH=CH-COOH <br> v. (CH_(3))_(2)C=CHCOCH_(3) <br> vi. CH_(2)=CH-CN <br>vii. OCH = CHO <br> viii. HOOC - C = COOH <br> ix CH_(2)=overset(CH_(3))underset(|)(C )-COOCH_(3) <br> x. CH_(3)CH_(2)-overset(CH_(3))overset(|)(C )(C l)-CH_(2)-CONHCH_(2)CH_(3) <br> xi. CH_(3)-overset(OCH_(3))overset(|)(C )H - CHO <br> xii. [(CH_(3))_(2)CH]_(3)COH <br> xiii. C_(6)H_(5)-CH=CH-COOH

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Classification And Nomenclature Of Organic Compounds

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Solution :
i. 2-Ethylprop-2-en-l-ol` <br> ii. But-2-en-1-el <br> iii. Propane-1,3,-diamine <br> iv. But-2-en-l-oic acid <br> v. 4-Methypent-3-en-2-one <br> vi. Prop-2-ene-1-nitrile <br> vii. Ethane-1,2-dial <br> viii. But-2-yne-1,4- dioic acid <br> ix. Methy1-2-methylprop-2-en-1-oate <br> x. 3-Chloro-N-ethy1-3-methy1pentan-1-amide <br> 2-Methoxypropan-1-al <br> xii. 2,4-Dimethy1-3-(1- methyethy1)petan-3-ol <br> xiii. 3-Phenylpro-2-en-1-oic acid

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