Give the decreasing order of C-H bond length in ethane, ethene and ethyne and why?

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Appendix - Inorganic Volume 1

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Solution :
The decreasing `C-H` bond length is : <br> Ethane`(C_(2)H_(6))gt` Ethene `(C_(2)H_(4))gt` Ethyne `(C_(2)H_(2))`. <br> This is because the bybrid orbitals of C-atom involved in ovelapping with 1s orbital of H-atom are `sp^(3),sp^(2) and sp` respectively and their sizes are in the order. `sp^(3)gtsp^(2)gtsp`. <br> Alternatively: The `(C-C)` bond length gt `(C=C)` bond length `(C-=C)`bond length.

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