Give the decreasing pH of aqueous solution of the following compounds : <br> a. NaCl , b. MgCl_(2) , c. AlCl_(3) , d. PCl_(5)

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Periodic Classification Of Elements And General Inorganic Chemistry

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Solution :
Since anions are same, so higher the charge on the ions, more covalent and more acidic and hence less `pH`. <br> So, the decreasing order of `pH` is <br> `underset(("decreasing order of basic character"),("Increasing order of acidic or"))overset(overset(1+)(NaCl)gtoverset(2+)(MgCl_(2))gt overset(3+)(AlCl_(3)) gt overset(5+)(PCl_(5)))(rarr) [a. gt b. gt c. gt d.]`

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