In a coagulation experiment, 5mL of As_(2)S_(3) is mixed with distilled water and 0.1M solution of an electrolyte AB so that the total volume is 10mL . It was found that all solutions sontianing more than 4.6mL . Of AB coagulate within 5 min. What is the flocculation value of AB for As_(2)S_(3) solution?

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Surface Chemistry

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Solution :
A minimum of `4.6mL` of `AB` is required to coagulation the solution. The moles of `AB` in the sol is <br> `=(4.6xx0.1)/(10)=0.046mol` <br> This means that a minimum of `0.046mol` or `0.046xx1000=46` m mol are required coagulating `1L` of solution. <br> Flocculation value of `AB` for `As_(2)S_(3)sol=46`

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