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Rate law is an expression relating the rate of a reaction to the

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Chemical Kinetics

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temperature of the reaction rate constant of the reactantsthe concentration of the reactants both (2) and (3)

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The rates of chemical reactions differ greately. Lonic reactions in an aqueous solution are over in a fraction of a second whereas involving molecules take much longer. If we add brium ion to an aqueous solution of sulfate ion, a preciptate of barium sulfate forms almost immediately. On the other hand, reactions such as rusting i=of iron, are impreceptibly slow. <br> Reactions taht occur in a cement mixture as it hardens to concrete reuire years for completion. <br> A molecules reaction usually involves breaking of covalent bonds in the reactions. Different amounts of energies are required for different reactants and hence rates are different.

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