The coagulation of 100mL of a colloidal solution of gold is completely prevented by adding 0.25g of starch to it before adding 10mL of 10%NaCl solution. The gold number of starch is

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Surface Chemistry

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To calculate gold number, we must take `10mL` of gold sol and add `1mL` of a `10%` solution of `NaCl` to it. Finally we must express the answer in milligrams. <br> Here `10mL` of `10%NaCl` is added to `100mL` of gold sol. Thus, `1mL` of `10%NaCl` solution is added to `10mL` of gold sol. `100mL` of `10%NaCl` solution is added to `10mL` of gold sol. `100mL` gold sol requires `0.25g` starch or `0.25xx10^(3)mg` starch. Thus, `10mL` gold sols will require. <br> `(0.25xx10^(3))/(100)xx10mg=25mg` <br> Thus, by definition, the gold number of starch is `25` .

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