The correct order for triple bond energy in CO, N_2, CN and C-=C is ,

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Chemical Bonding

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` C -= O gt N-= Ngt C-= N gt C-=C``N -=N gt C-= O gt C-= Cgt C -=N``N -=N gt C-= O gtN-= Cgt C -=C``N -=N gt C-= O gtC= Cgt C -=C`

Answer :
Solution :
The values of bond energy for `CO,N-2,CN` and `-C -=C-`are `107,946, 891` and ` 836 kJ "mol"^(-1)`. The is due to the fact htat `CO` is polar and thus possesses highest bond eenrgy .

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