The flex in the smelting of copper is

Question from  Class 12  Chapter General Principals And Isolation Of Elements

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Durig smelting the roassrted ore is mixed with coke and silica and tranfered to a small blast farunce .The mixture is heated in the processs of axcess of air most of the iron suplhide is oxidiacad to feroms oxide <br> ` 2FeS + 3O_(2) rarr 2FeO+ 2SO_(2)` <br> ferrrous oxide conninace with slice and forms femous slicate by this reaction mass of the iron is reamoved as slag <br> `FeO + SiO_(2) rarr FeSiO_(3)` <br> Thus sillicu is added to raction copper ore during smelting to removes femous oxide (obtained from iron ore, `FeS` as a slag and the is `FeSiO_(3)` <br> Since fe has greater affinality its oxygen than copper the copper oxide formad during smelting rearts with unclanged irons sulphaide to form oxide and reproshare copper sulphide <br> `FeS + cu_(2)O rarr FeO + Cu_(2)S` <br> Thus it is diffcuit to oxide copper sulphide cotil whete of the irons sulphide is oxidoesed

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